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STEP grants for artists

noiembrie 1, 2010

Un exchange interesant pentru artisti: STEP grants

„We believe that artists and cultural workers should be able to move easily across national borders to meet peers, exchange views, inspire each other and create new partnerships.

Our travel fund – STEP beyond – stimulates and supports cross-cultural creative projects in the wider European neighbourhood. It encourages artists and cultural workers to explore unfamiliar territories, network with each other, discover different ways of working and, most importantly, collaborate. Since 2003, STEP beyond Travel Grants have supported the movement of hundreds of people across European borders, creating new networks and stimulating new partnerships.

STEP beyond – stands for Supporting Travel for European Projects – and offers grants between 350 Euros and 700 Euros to cover travel costs for  travelling throughout Europe. The grants are open to applicants in the first 10 years of a professional career in their relevant field (we prioritise emerging professionals). For guidance and a full list of eligible countries refer to the How to Apply Booklet, below.”

Detalii pe: http://www.eurocult.org/grants/step-beyond-travel-grants


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